Did you know I am also a published author?!

Literally a dream of mine! 

Check out these books that I have contributed to.


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Know Your Worth Goddess: Stories from women around the world who have reclaimed their worth, inspiring you to reclaim yours.

The Everyday Goddess Revolution - books to inspire women.


KNOW YOUR WORTH GODDESS is a book for all women who are ready to awaken their confidence, worth, and truth. For women who are ready to reclaim their self-worth and rise. For women who are ready to feel good about themselves again and allow that magic to flow through them out into the world.

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Manifest Like A Goddess: The 'how to' guide of conscious creation for women around the world


The 'how to' of manifestation and conscious creation written by female coaches from around the world.

Its time to consciously create the life you were mean't to live!  

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Goddess Powered Entrepreneur: Aligning Your Business with Your Soul


Within the pages of this book, you will learn and be inspired by 13 incredible soul-led female entrepreneurs who are tuning into their soul’s purpose and allowing their journey as an entrepreneur to be a one of flow, alignment, and heart connection.

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