Come join me on my podcast episodes, as part of She Speaks Talk Radio. I interview people at various stages of the spiritual path and learn about their journey and my own!


Nicola Humber

In conversation with the amazing Nicola Humber, author and creator of the Unbound Press shares her work, her journey with self-love and how she came to go from 'good girl' to Unbound Goddess.

Rosie Peacock

In conversation with the one and only Rosie Peacock, Integration Coach, Retreat specialist, psychedelics advocate and yoga teacher. Rosie shares her journey with self-love and her work in the psychedelics space. Find out more about the amazing work that Rosie does on all the socials or via her website:

Plant Medicine Retreat

In this episode I share my incredible experience of attending a plant medicine retreat. What shifted and came from my journey.

Becky Sheridah

In Conversation with one of my members Becky Sheridah. Becky is the founder and CEO of ArtHouse Unlimited, a charity that support neurologically diverse artists to flourish and sell their work. Check out Becky’s website

Jo Simpson

In Conversation with one of my members Jo Simpson. Jo and I have a juicy conversation about what it is to feel a deep spiritual longing, Jo's journey to Sacred Self-Love and how she intentionally navigated the sacred power of periods with pre-pubescent daughters.